AS&T has been selected to develop a Photonic Sensor to support DARPA MTO/MRIG program for next generation Vibratory Gyroscopes

A new generation of micro-scale gyroscopes that is currently under the development by DARPA/MTO will eventually rival those of existing inertial grade macro-scale devices. In support of DARPA/MTO goals AS&T is developing a new photonic sensor, the conformal imaging vibrometer (CIV) capable of rapid and accurate characterization of the real-time micro-resonator dynamics. The CIV architecture eliminates the extensive set-up that is currently required in precision mass-balancing of vibratory gyroscopes in order to attain inertial grade performance (Q factor > 1x106). In addition, the fiber optic architecture and passive measurement probe of the CIV are ideally suited to vacuum installation, unlike current single-beam commercial laser Doppler vibrometers.